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The April First Stories

Mordors webpage is hacked, Saruman loses Isengard and has to sleep on Saurons sofa, and that dream in which youre summoned before the throne of Melkor but forgot to wear clothes.



My First Silmarillion

An easy-to-read childrens book based on the sweeping 40,000 year epic which is Tolkiens backstory to Lord of the Rings.



First Age




Mairon, sensible and dependable, rebels and joins the forces of Melkor. (4,770 words)


Test of Loyalty

Mairon burned his bridges when he left home to become the newest member of Melkor's household. He has no idea what he's gotten into. (3,600 words)



Fanor, The World's Worst Son-in-Law

In which the sons of Feanor watch funny cat videos on the Palantir. (6,899 words)




Enws Narrow Escape

During the Siege of Angband in the First Age, Enw and Sauron, childhood friends fighting on opposite sides, are still looking out for each other. (1,750 words)


The Loss of Tol Sirion

Sauron battles Lthien the great hound Huan for Tol Sirion, and loses everything but the shirt on his back. No, make that everything. (2,330 words)


Surrender after the War of Wrath

On the final day of the First Age, Sauron surrendered to Enw after the War of Wrath, fully intending to show up for trial. (4,050 words)


Nightmare (excerpt from Bridge)

Sauron finds himself in Melkor's old cell, waiting to be put into the Void. (5,670 words)


Second Age




Annatar is unmasked as Sauron Gorthaur and is forced to leave town in a hurry. (13,750 words)


The Forging of the Ring

Sauron forges the Ring and almost dies in the process. (12,750 words)


The Battle of Sarn Ford

Sauron swept across Middle Earth on a mission to take the three Elven Rings from Gil-Galad, and was swept back just as quickly. (4,800 words)



Er-Mrazr (the Witch King of Angmar), younger son of a king and brother of a king, feels unappreciated and decides to strike out on his own as a sorcerer. (46,000 words so far)


A Game of Chess

Sauron comes to Umbar to humble himself before Ar-Pharazn. When he realizes hes about to be captured, he takes desperate measures to keep the Ring from falling into the wrong hands. (5,330 words)



Sauron, Ar-Pharazns prisoner, plays mind games with his guards and is generally being a jerk. (1,925 words)


Adunaphels Wager

Adunaphel, the seventh Nazgl and only female, makes a high-stakes bet with Sauron that could cost him his virtue. (705 words)



The forces of Elendil and Gil-galad besiege Barad-dr. When the defenders are starving, the besiegers make an offer. "Kill your Master, and we will lift the siege." (11,150 words)


Single Combat (excerpt from Siege)

Sauron accepts Gil-galad's challenge of single combat to end the siege of Barad-dr. (3,440 words)


Third Age




The Great Plague devastated Osgiliath and is moving north towards Mirkwood. Safe in Dol Guldur, Sauron thinks he won't catch it. He is wrong. (16,400 words)


Sarumans Journey

Over the course of the Third Age, Saruman falls into evil one step at a time, without even knowing it. (22,200 words)



One of Arathorn's rangers is captured and imprisoned in Dol Guldur. Arathorn tries to free him by capturing a Nazgl and offering to trade. (19,800 words)


The Flight from Dol Guldur

Dol Guldur is attacked by the White Council. Sauron and three Nazgl must make their way to Minas Morgul without drawing any attention to themselves. (15,340 words)



Urzahil of Umbar, later known as The Mouth of Sauron, is being raised as a bastard son in the house of his father. More than anything, he craves security and a title of his own. (48,950 words)


Emissary II

Barad-dr has risen again, and Urzahil of Umbar (the Mouth of Sauron) has finally found employment as one of Saurons bureaucrats. His new master is, to say the least, difficult. (35,280 words)


A Scrap of Parchment (excerpt from Emissary II)

Sauron returns to Mordor and openly declares himself, and Umbar declares its allegiance to him. Told by the Mouth of Sauron as a young man. (3,170 words)


Diplomatic Relations

The Mouth of Sauron is pranked by the Nazgl on his first day as Chief Ambassador for Mordor. (1,884 words)



Radagast and Faramir accidently cross the border into Mordor when Radagast insists on seeing a rare bird up close. They are captured by Orcs, but Radagast insists he can talk their way out of it. (10,275 words)



Ilvatar commands Sauron, once Aul's favorite, to find a way to reconcile with his former master, but Aul refuses to see him. (33,050 words)


The Hunt through the Shire

The Nazgl spread out to search for "Shire Baggins". Tempers run short, they fight among themselves as much as they search for the Ring. (15,560 words)


Mordor is under New Management

Mordor's Official Website tells of Sauron's overthrow by his most trusted lieutenants. Aragorn and Gandalf try to figure out what it means. (310 words)


Sofa City

Saruman loses Isengard and has to sleep on a relative's couch. (3,550 words)


The Bridge over Osgiliath

Frodo's mission has failed, and Sauron has the Ring. Yet during the Second Age, Sauron suffered one humiliating defeat after another, even while wearing the Ring. He fears Gondor as much as they fear him. (42,260 words)





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I wrote this book to solve my own problem, which is that I write very slowly.


This book is different from most "Write Fast" books, which stress outlining, It draws on writing research that hasn't yet reached the popular press.

      Both planning and writing text use all the cognitive power and all the short-term memory you have. Do them seperately.

      Freewriting seems to be the best way to generate ideas because of the way it accesses semantic memory.

      There are many successful writing strategies, but only one of them, outlining, is taught in school.

I am greatly indebted to John R. Hayes, the most famous writing researcher in the world, and to his collegues in writing research. (Yes, it's the same Hayes, he's my dad.)




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